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Dr. Kobushi's Labyrinthine Laboratory is a puzzle game that has been described as “a combination between Pac-Man and chess”. Guide the adventurous Ayla as she attempts to rescue her dog, Falafel, from the confines of a mysterious towering laboratory deep within a solitary forest. Dr. Kobushi's Labyrinthine Laboratory combines puzzle and strategy elements with an engaging storyline full of memorable characters and biting humor.

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Dr. Kobushi's Labyrinthine Laboratory is also available today on Steam, including the new free demo! Please wishlist on Steam to stay updated and to support the game.

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Dr. Kobushi’s Labyrinthine Laboratory (DKLL) is strongly inspired by, and would have never existed without, Toby Fox’s work on Undertale and Deltarune. While DKLL has completely unrelated gameplay mechanics, Toby Fox’s work is still what inspired me to try and make a game in the first place, especially with his approach to writing. Thank you, Toby.

Dr. Kobushi’s Labyrinthine Laboratory is also inspired by SEGA’s Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, specifically in how you can clearly see an antagonist’s face and facial expression while solving puzzles. The naming of the game is also clearly inspired by DRMBM.

Dr. Kobushi’s Labyrinthine Laboratory is also inspired by Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight, by Friend & Fairy’s Petal Crash, and by Popcap Games’ Mummy Maze.

Finally, Dr. Kobushi’s Labyrinthine Laboratory is inspired by the 1994 film The Mask.

Rated ESRB 10+. Rated IARC 7+. Rated PEGI 7.

Alcohol Reference, Mild Language, Fear, Mild Violence.

This game is rated internationally thanks to the International Age Rating Coalition system, with certificate ID 1c08f09d-fcb0-4114-9776-c9157cf4032d. 

Copyright © 2022 Symbolic Software. All Rights Reserved. “Dr. Kobushi” and “Dr. Kobushi's Labyrinthine Laboratory” are registered trademarks of Symbolic Software.


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